Related Group, one of the country’s most accomplished developers, is proposing to build a new 50,000-square-foot+ fleet maintenance and sanitation facility for the City of Miami Beach at no cost to taxpayers. The new facility will be state-of-the-art and will allow for quicker and better maintenance of equipment that is necessary for the delivery of key public services throughout the City, including public safety, sanitation, and public works.

The new facility is part of the proposed plan for One Island Park, a residential building on private property adjacent to the City’s current facility. For the plan to move forward, the City will have to change the use only on that privately-owned parcel to allow for residential development on that property. If approved, the City of Miami Beach would receive more than $2.9 million in annual tax revenue from the development of One Island Park, in addition to the new, privately-funded maintenance facility, that will serve Miami Beach for decades to come.

City Facility

The City of Miami Beach’s current maintenance and sanitation facility at Terminal Island houses office space and service bays for various departments, including sanitation, police, fire, and public works. The facility maintains the fleet of more than 1,000 city vehicles and other equipment needed to serve the entire city.

As crucial as it is to ensure that the daily needs of the entire community are met, the facility has never undergone any major upgrades or expansions, largely due to the limited size of the City’s property and the need for services to continue without interruption.

Related Group will build a state-of-the-art fleet maintenance and sanitation facility for the City at no cost to taxpayers that will feature:

  • more than 50,000 square feet of administrative offices for fleet management, sanitation, and police
  • warehouse space
  • regular and oversized vehicle service bays
  • an upgraded fuel station
  • a parking garage to house city vehicles currently being parked throughout the City of Miami Beach and its public garages
City Facility

Phased Approach

The Related Group will be contributing 26,750 square feet of land to the City to allow the preliminary construction of the new facility to begin without disrupting the current functionality. As phase 1 is complete, the renovation of existing city facilities will begin in phases, allowing each section to remain fully functional.

Adequate Parking

Parking Facility

Currently, the City’s fleet is being stored in public garages throughout Miami Beach, taking spaces away from the public and taking parking revenue away from the City. In addition, on any given day, up to 75 City service and employee-owned vehicles, both standard size and oversized, can be found parked along the state roadway and rights-of-way outside the current facility due to lack of space on-site.

The proposed new maintenance and sanitation facility will include a new parking garage that will accommodate the vehicles and equipment currently being parked both on- and off-site, consolidating the services offered to them at one location, therefore increasing efficiency.

One Island Park

Along with the development of the City of Miami Beach’s new fleet maintenance and sanitation facility using private funds, Related Group is proposing to develop a residential project on the adjacent, privately-owned property, with 90 luxury condominium units. The residential building will be designed by internationally-recognized architecture firm Arquitectonica, adding to the City’s landscape of beautifully-designed buildings.

City Facility
9.2M Annual Tax Revenue Overall
2.9M Annual Tax Revenue Miami Beach
$28M+ New, Privately-Funded City Facility
0 Impact on Peak-hour Traffic


Increased Tax Revenue

One Island Park, the proposed residential building on private property, will produce an excess of $9.2 million in new tax revenue each year, with more than $2.9 million going directly to the City of Miami Beach. Currently the property contributes only $37,000 per year in tax revenue.

Traffic Reduction

Related Group has already reduced traffic on the MacArthur Causeway by removing a busy shipping terminal that was previously operating on its Terminal Island property, eliminating more than 125,000 annual heavy truck trips from the Causeway.

Traffic Reduction One

Traffic Reduction Two

Once completed, One Island Park and the new City maintenance facility will have no impact on peak-hour morning or afternoon traffic. The One Island Park units will be owned mostly by seasonal residents who do not typically travel during peak hours. Additionally, the City vehicles added to the new maintenance facility will start their shifts during non-peak hours (5 am, 6:30 am, and 3 pm).

Finally, the site’s current zoning allows for the development of an office building, which would generate the most amount of car trips of any type of building. A change in the use of the property from industrial to residential would ensure that neither an office building nor another terminal would be built on the site.

Traffic Reduction Three

Experienced Team

Related Group

Parking Facility

For more than 35 years, Related Group has been improving city skylines with developments characterized by innovative design, enduring quality, and environments that celebrate culture and active lifestyles. Since its inception in 1979, Related Group has built and managed more than 90,000 condominium and apartment residences which are meticulously designed with finishes and amenities that transform buildings into vibrant residential environments. Many of Related’s properties are distinguished by groundbreaking partnerships with world-renowned architects, designers, and artists who help to create residential developments recognized as urban landmarks.

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